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PetPro Animal Car Divider

PetPro Animal Car Divider

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Ensure a smooth and safe journey for your furry friends with PetPro AutoGuard

PetPro Autoguard

PetPro AutoGuard is not just a car divider

PetPro AutoGuard is a real revolution for traveling with pets. Made of high quality and durable polyester material, this car mesh organizer is designed to keep your pets safe, your car area organized, and your essentials easily accessible.

PetPro Autoguard

Robust and resistant to deformation

Built to last! Made of high-quality materials, PetPro AutoGuard is not only durable but also resistant to breakage and deformation. You can rest easy knowing that this divider is designed to withstand the challenges of traveling with pets, providing a reliable and sturdy solution.

PetPro Autoguard

Versatile compatibility

It fits your car, regardless of type! Designed to accommodate side-opening boxes, non-side-opening boxes and double-opening boxes, PetPro AutoGuard is versatile and compatible with various car configurations. Please note that it is not suitable for sports opening boxes. Easy installation with adjustable strap, ready to go in no time! PetPro AutoGuard is easy to install thanks to its adjustable strap design. This feature ensures a secure fit in most car sizes, making it a hassle-free solution for pet owners on the go.

PetPro Autoguard


  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Red or Black.
  • Dimensions: 40x12x26cm.
  • Type: Single Pocket or Double Pocket.

PetPro Autoguard


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